ProCutter Thunder.

ProCutter Thunder 

Suitable for processing materials of various thicknesses, ensures an above-standard stable and fast process.

Shows its advantages of stable and precise laser process during cutting full-surface systems. High dynamic drive for fully automatic focus position adjustment ensures the shortest possible system downtime and thus increases process efficiency.


+ Top cutting quality

The ultra-stable, deviation-free distance sensing system is the basis for smooth and rectangular cutting edges with minimal burrs. Even at very high accelerations, it guarantees a constant distance between the component and the cutting head. Head cooling ensures reproducible results in series production.

+ Low service costs and less production downtime

If the cutting head needs maintenance, the design allows quick and easy access to the optics. Thanks to this feature, the necessary replacement of optical components is reduced to a minimum. In addition, built-in protective glasses protect the optics and the fiber bayonet from the direction of the process zone, which significantly extends the service life.

Technical data
Max. laser power: 6.6 kW

Collimation focal lengths: 100 mm

Focus lengths: 150 mm, 200 mm

Dimensions: 116 x 113 mm

NAmax: 0.12

Vertical adjustment range of focal position: +15 to -20 mm

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