Service and services

If you are looking to fully exploit the potential of your equipment, extend its service life, or to quickly and efficiently resolve all possible faults without unnecessary downtime, LASCAM is your reliable partner in providing comprehensive service. We will keep you moving forward.

Custom production

Take advantage of our capacities and state-of-the-art laser equipment for prototyping and small-scale production.

Feasibility Study

Využijte naše kapacity a nejmodernější laserové vybavení pro prototypování a malosériovou výrobu.

Service and spare parts

Optimalizujte své investice do laserových technologií pomocí komplexních balíčků servisních služeb.

Consultancy and training

Unleash the full potential of your laser systems. We offer consultancy and training for both equipment operators and managers.

Laser safety

A comprehensive training programme on laser safety and on the statutory obligations for working with lasers.

IoT module

Be efficient: reduce service and maintenance costs by tens of percent with our sophisticated IoT communication module.