Lasers for cleaning

Lasers for cleaning

Laser cleaning is a particular example of laser ablation where a specific material layer or substrate is uncovered through the removal of undesired layers or incoher­ent particle distributions. Laser cleaning processes are used in different fields. Besides the conservation of artworks, it is also being used in number of industrial applications, such as semiconductors cleaning in microelectronics, die cleaning in plastic pressure casting, paint stripping in the aircraft maintenance, etc.

Prices of the laser cleaning systems range between 60 000 and 340 000€.

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Lasers for cleaning

LASCAM supplies systems for laser cleaning from CleanLASER.

Laser cleaning

Laser cleaning process doesn’t require the use of solvents or another agents which are used in conventional method. Systems combine power and versatility with the lowest operating costs of all industrial cleaning methods. Laser systems distribute thousands of very short focused laser pulses (high power) per second onto a contaminated layer. The powerful laser beam pulses are linearly deflected and placed next to each other. Most of the laser energy is being absorbed by the surface layer and is directly transformed into the thermal energy. This energy vaporizes existing contaminations and removes them effectively from the substrate. The higher absorption factor, the faster the process.

Very important attribute of laser cleaning (difference between laser cleaning and conventional methods) is intact cleaned fundamental material. Application is very often used as a preliminary step of technology process, for example preparation of contact surfaces for glueing, etc. Laser cleaning is fast, simple and ecological.

Lasers for cleaning

Most commonly used are TEA, CO2, fiber or Nd:YAG laser sources, where TEA and CO2 lasers operate at wavelengths 9.6μm up to 10.6μm and fiber and Nd:YAG around 1060-1080nm. The application itself has a large number of forms from the backpack, which is easily portable in the field, via table integration, where the operators are working manually with the laser gun to 3D robotic integrations, which it is possible to use robotic arm for cleaning of a very complicated 3D shape or its parts. Another used form are stationary chambers.

Advantage of laser cleaning:

  • Easy to automate or use handheld
  • High precision and consistency
  • Eliminates manual masking processes
  • Unmatched quality
  • Ideal for many coatings & metal surfaces
  • No media, no dust, no chemicals, no clean-up

More interesting videos can be found here.

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