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LASCAM supplies automated solutions with primary specialization in selective laser surface removal, machining of metal and plastic products and visual inspection for industry and science. It has been operating on the market since 2015 and in a short time it has built up a position as a leading supplier of laser technologies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We have a technological background with an area of 1 500 m2.

In application laboratories we have all the necessary high-power CW up to 6 kW, pulsed lasers with pulse lengths from 290 fs to 4 000 ms and 500 W, Q-switched CW lasers with an energy of 30 J and a power of 300 W and suitable process heads for welding, surfacing, cutting, cleaning, or micromachining applications. Annually, we conduct hundreds of tests and feasibility studies on samples from our customers. In our showroom in Horni Pocernice, we regularly organize Open Days, where our customers not only learn about the news from the field, but they can also try out our equipment.

Our Success

In a relatively short period of time we have been able to develop many unique technologies, such as selective layer removal with quality control using machine vision for headlight manufacturers, line integration for cutting sandwich components – such as door panels or ceiling insulation – attached directly to the injection moulding machines without the need for an operator, or implementing laser cleaning to prepare surfaces before painting and forging.

Quality Management

LASCAM systems and its subsidiaries hold a product and service quality management certificate ISO 9001, which guarantees that the quality management system is implemented, documented, and used in accordance with the requirements of this standard.

LASCAM in the World

LASCAM systems is proud of several installations abroad – the devices are used by customers in more than seven countries around the world. We also participate in international trade fairs, for example in South Korea, Serbia, and Slovakia.

Social Responsibility

LASCAM behaves responsibly towards its clients, employees, and all stakeholders. Our sustainable management consists not only in the responsible use of our resources, but we also reflect on the needs of society or the environment.

Conference Lasers + Optics in Industry

We are the founder of a conference focused on the use of laser technologies and special optics in industry in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

LASCAM Technology Group

Together with our subsidiaries, Elya Solutions s.r.o. and MARK industries s.r.o., we belong to a technological group that actively cooperates with more than 200 customers in various industrial sectors within Europe.

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