Surface cleaning and pre-treatement

The cleanLASER System emits ultra short laser pulses and removes soil and contamination layers without degrading or thermally damaging the substrate. Laser and beam deflection parameters are adjustable and can be easily adapted to the part’s geometry. You can choose to clean either large areas or specific portions of a part. The precise laser process offers an efficient method for state of the art ecological and economical industrial cleaning of metal substrates.

When cleaning a metal surface the oxide layer is removed, enabling a direct bond to the substrate to be achieved, which is imperative for long-term durability. The laser provides a benchmark in technology in terms of quality and cost, with excellent and scientifically proven long-term bonding stability.

  • Excellent results on metallic substrates
  • Weld seam preparation – up to 5 m/minute
  • Adhesive bonding preparation – up to 15 cm²/second
  • Long-term stability for adhesive bonding
  • Cleaning method free of blast media
  • Process monitoring makes results highly repeatable
Surface cleaning

cleanLASER offers a wide range of laser systems with 20 Watt up to 1000 Watt. Whether handguided backpack laser or fully automated robot guided laser cell – the possibilities are endless. The basic appliances are exactly tailored to the needs of the customer’s application. Running costs are surprisingly low while the techniques are virtually maintenance-free and highly available at the same time. Each cleanLASER can easily be handheld and integrated into the production line after a short briefing. Since there is no need for abrasives and detergents, the process is quiet, clean, and above all, also environmentally friendly.

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