Laser Service

Compliance with regular maintenance intervals and regular checking is essential for long and trouble-free operation of the device. That is why LASCAM systems offer complete laser service. Experienced and trained technicians will gladly help you with service on your equipment. We provide warranty and post-warranty service of equipment from known industrial world manufacturers. The advantage of a fast local service support is often sufficient to eliminate defects on site. We work on more complex directly with manufacturers of the technologies in order to provide fast repair of your equipment.

Equipment maintanance

  • Regular maintenance of laser sources
  • Cleaning laser head
  • Repair of fiber optic cables
  • Lens cleaning
  • Tune-ups of the laser systems
  • Repair and diagnostic of electronics in lasers
  • Calibration of measurement systems
  • Verification of laser power

Refurbishment od industrial lasers

  • We will provide revision, diagnosis or complete refurbishment of the laser source and associated components such as the radiator, extractor, optical path, process head
  • Thanks to our close collaboration with device manufacturers you can obtain certification for refurbishment confirmed by the manufacturer, or extend the warranty on the device

Advance replacement

  • Possibility of fast service intervention with exchange equipment piece-by-piece, which significantly reduces delays in the production cycle and reduces the loss of production

Laser spare parts and consumables

Part of the laser systems is a series of components with limited lifetime, also known as consumables. Typically, these are focusing on optics, excitation lamps, cutting nozzles, ceramic tiles, water and air filters, etc. Through close cooperation with our partners we can provide original components under favorable conditions. Part of consumables are on stock, which significantly shortens delivery times.

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