Applications of Laser Technologies

Laser technologies are widely used in various industrial applications, such as processing and cutting of metal, or  metal welding and hardening. Furthermore, there is as an extensive range of applications of non-metallic materials such as cutting and welding of plastics, leather working, production of promotional items, indelible signature, etc. Many of these application have not been  fully adopted yet.

The reason that the old conventional mechanical technologies that have been used in production for a long time.  However, the increased demands on technology, quality and cycle time makes the old technologies inefficient and obsolete.  That’s why new, faster and more effective methods have been explored. Thanks to this, new technologies such as systems for laser cleaning have been introduced.

Cleaning of plastic molds

Laser cleaning of molds for the production of plastic headlights. With the help of laser, it is possible to remove impurities, plastic burnouts, corrosion, highly-polished surfaces and grindings 5 times more effectively than with conventional methods.

Pipes cutting

Laser cutting of pipes for the automotive industry using fiber laser SPI Red Power with the power of 1000W.

Leather engraving

High-speed leather engraving using pulsed CO2 laser with the requirement to maintain a high detail of the output and engraved graphics.

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