Welding Pre- and Post-Treatment

Welding Pre- and Post-TreatmentcleanLASER technology is ideal for cleaning steel and aluminum surface in welding preparation for industries that include automotive, precision tool manufacturing, shipbuilding and more. Laser weld preparation is a proven method with a long history of success in automotive brazing and welding applications.

Oil, grease or residue layers from upstream processes can be removed uniformly and without residue. The cleaning is done locally with high precision. Free of abrasion, the laser cleaning process replaces wet chemical washing processes and is therefore particularly gentle on the material and environment. Due to its compact design, the laser system including processing optics can be integrated directly into the process chain.


  • Precise treatment of joining surfaces over a wide range of material thicknesses
  • No harm to galvanized layers of sheet steel when being pre-treated
  • Typical rates for welding preparation at 20 mm thickness:
    • Aluminum sheet approx. 5 m / min.
    • Removal of shop primer up to 20 m / min.
    • De-oiling and cleaning of steel up to 10 m / min.

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