Ultra-fast Laser Cleaning

Currently, it is already possible to achieve incredible speeds of cleaning at high quality and excellent purity. For example, using 1 kW of source, the speed of 15 000 mm2/s can be reached during iron cleaning and the speed of lacquered metals cleaning is up to 29,000 mm2/s. This technology is also a great advantage because it is not necessary to cool the metal materials or molds and laser cleans even at the temperature of 70°C, which significantly reduces the time lags in the production.

The rust is also a piece of cake for our lasers

Laser system generates ultra-short laser pulses, which remove impurities without disturbing or thermally influencing the bottom layer. Parameters of the laser beam can be easily adapted to the geometry of the machined parts, which can remove impurities from the selected parts without the need of masking.

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