ProCutter Thor.

ProCutter Thor 

Designed for 2D laser cutting in high demanding environments. Thanks to its properties, it reduces service and maintenance costs.

The ProCutter Thor is a completely dust-proof device and is the best prerequisite for long-term use. The cutting head handles laser cutting of medium to thick sheets. Thanks to the patented innovative “Clean Back” design, service access to optics and protective glasses is located in the back of the head – the cleanest place in the entire cutting system.


+ High cut quality and flexibility

UThe ultra-stable distance sensor system is the basis for smooth and rectangular cutting edges with minimal burrs. It is a guarantee even at very high acceleration values. Adjusting the focus position using proven drive technology ensures the shortest system idle times. Various thicknesses and materials can thus be flexibly cut at any time and with high precision. With higher focal position lifts, this is best-in-class technology.

+ Low service costs and less production downtime

If the cutting head needs to be serviced, the design allows quick and easy access to the optics. Their necessary replacement only takes half the time. In addition, the built-in protective glasses protect the optics and fiber bushings from the direction of the process zone, which significantly extends the service life.

Technical data
Max. laser power: 15 kW @ 1030–1090 mm

Collimation focal lengths: 100 mm

Focus lengths: 200 mm

Dimensions: 137 mm x 185 mm

NAmax: 0.13

Vertical adjustment range of focal position: +20 mm bis -35 mm

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