LightCutter 2.0.

LightCutter 2.0 

Efficient and economical in the medium power range

Flexible use for 2D to 3D applications. The LightCutter 2.0 is the ideal solution for all laser cutting applications in the medium power range up to 6 kW. Whether 2D, 2.5D or 3D – thanks to its wide range of variants you will always find the most efficient and economical configuration.

It is characterized by high cutting qualities for all metals up to 25 mm sheet thickness – especially for laser cutting of mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.



+ Flexible material thickness processing through a high degree of automation

The LightCutter 2.0 offers outstanding cutting and product quality without compromise: optimized for continuous permanent operation, it scores points with high cutting speeds and smooth, rectangular edges with minimal burr. It has a very robust design, is lightweight and convinces even after long cutting cycles. No other head generates comparable stable results in this class.

With frequent material changes, the motorized focus position adjustment leads to reduced intervention times for the machine operator. Different thicknesses and materials can be cut very flexibly. Thanks to this automated adjustment, the cutting head always works with high precision and stability, even at high accelerations of up to 3 g. It is also the best in class in all other performance features. The display of the set focus position on the front panel makes commissioning much easier.

+ Failsafe & modular

The LightCutter 2.0 is designed for high laser power. It is completely dust-tight, which guarantees a continuous, clean operation. The basis for clean cut edges is provided by the ultra-stable and drift-free sensor technology for a constant distance between component and optics.

Complex cutting contours are approached quickly and precisely with the LightCutter 2.0 3D. The slim design in the front area allows contact-free immersion in areas that are very difficult to access.


Technical data
Max. laser power: 6 kW (2D version only)

Collimating focal length: 100 mm, Focus lengths: 125, 150, 200 mm

Dimensions (WXD): 130 x 69 mm

Weight: 4.0 kg

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