FormCutter Plus.

FormCutter Plus  

A comprehensive solution for high-precision 3D cutting in serial production.
High dynamics thanks to the system of additional axes.

FormCutter Plus enables the cutting of complex geometries and workpieces with the highest precision. The device is especially suitable for agile robotic applications in the automotive industry, where they ensure the highest cutting quality.


+ Complex 3D laser cutting

The FormCutter Plus is a tooling system with X/Y axes, Z-axis cutting head and is usually attached to the robot arm. The robot places the system over the machining point and then starts the cutting process. The FormCutter Plus system guides the cutting head through the programmed geometry and creates a highly precise cutout. The cutting movement is many times more precise and takes much less time than a robot could handle.
Classic applications in the automotive industry are laser cutting holes for antennas or holes for roof rails in the vehicle body. It also finds application in the production of trucks, where there are many design-specific openings and cut-outs.

+ Simple, robust and reliable

3D laser cutting systems are often integrated into complex production lines where they work in demanding environmental conditions. The operation of the equipment places high demands on the stability and ease of operation of the cutting systems. Long life, compact design and easily accessible media connections in the upper system area are attractive features for integration into new or existing automated systems.

Technical data
Work area: 50 x 50 mm

Collimation focal lengths: 75, 100 mm

Focus lengths: 75, 100, 150 mm

Dimensions: 245 x 265 mm

Offline programming of the cutting contour using CAD CAM

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