Versatile solution for thin sheets and complex 3D components. It ensures high-precision fine cutting without burrs.

FineCutter is a versatile solution for a wide range of laser cutting applications in precision machining (eg: Micromachining). It is designed specifically for the use of solid-state lasers with highly brilliant and pulsed beam sources. With the FineCutter system, the finest contours and smooth, burr-free cutting surfaces can be achieved, both in 2D laser cutting systems and in robotic applications. Thanks to the integrated camera, the setup is completed in the shortest possible time and you always have a good overview of the cutting process.


+ High optics quality

Thanks to the high quality of the imaging optics, increasingly smaller parts and more complex geometries can be produced in the μ range with the smallest cutting gap width.

+ Processing of various materials

The very compact solution for flat systems also processes materials such as brass, silver or platinum in the thin sheet sector. Prototypes and small series are produced quickly with high precision, without long set-up times.

+ Sensor technology

Sensor technology for a constant distance between the component and the optic provides consistently clean cutting edges and perfect gap widths.

Technical data
Max. laser power: 500 W

Wavelengths: 1,064 nm

Focus lengths 50, 80, 125 mm

Max. free aperture: 16 mm

Vertical adjustment: +0.5 / -2.5 mm

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