New Technology for Industrial Cleaning

Lots of researches regarding new technologies for industrial cleaning and surface treatments, has been trying for long time to find ways to increase productivity and surface quality, or decrease costs. Although current technologies keep researching and developing, there is one that has brought new light into this matter. Laser sets a new standard for cost saving of operating energies and consumables.


Picture1- Laser cleaning process

Modular laser system CleanLaser introduces an efficient alternative to conventional methods. Laser does not require any abrasives or chemicals, which require a special treatment, storing and ecological disposal. Moreover, laser cleaning technology helps to preserve environment by removing abrasives and waste from the cleaning process.

jskljPicture 2 – Laser cleaning process

Laser cleaning can remove contamination or coating, which usually need two or more conventional methods to achieve the same result.  When laser interacts with the surface (typically metallic), oxide layer is removed, which allows to directly weld metal joints, creating long lasting stability.

Laser cleaning is certainly state of the art technology, with added value of low costs and quality, as well as scientifically proven long lasting stability.

Laser application areas:

  • Pre-coating surface preparation
  • Oil removal from metalic surfaces before welding joints
  • Cleaning and pre-treatment for adhesive bonding
  • Cleaning and pre treatment for brazing and welding
  • Selective de-coating of dioxide layers as preparation for welding
  • Finished weld joints care – paint removal
  • Structuring and modification of metallic surfaces
  • Removal of residuesand release agents from plastics as a preparation for subsequent bonding
  • Removal of steamed layers after paiting

dciasPicture 3-  Macro surface after laser cleaning of welds

All systems are designed for 24/7 operation. They are durable and require minimal maintenance. In contrary to conventional methods, laser cleaning removes production residues, oxides and grease in a quiet, clean and precise manner. CleanLaser requires only small space on the floor and uses up to 50m long flexible optical fiber cables to reach where you need.

Adhesive bonding is especially useful for pre-treatment of aluminum and magnesium. Based on the laser power, it is possible to achieve speed 35 cm²/minute during cleaning. All CleanLASER systems can be fully automated or manually operated for handheld. Lasers almost don’t need any maintenance and operation costs are surprisingly low.

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