Multifunctional Tool for Restoration and Art Conservation

Laser cleaning technology can be used for gentle but highly effective cleaning of stone and metallic surfaces. It can be used not only for restoration of art but also for large-area facade cleaning. Thanks to the extremely short impact time of the laser beam with the surface, only salt deposits, oxides and dirt are removed, without straining the base material or natural protective layer.


Laser beam is manually guided across the surface and no chemicals, water or abrasives are needed. It is a portable tool, easily manipulated and in case of need, it can be battery-driven.  Mobile systems can be complemented by light conducting cable up to 50m long for large-area cleaning. Thus, the system is extremely flexible and always ready to be used.


Thanks to fine metering of the laser power and intensity, it is possible to clean dust and dirt from coloured surfaces without any influence on the original pigmentation. Gentle application of laser beam can be also used for cloth and wood. In contrary to the conventional mechanical and chemical methods, laser cleaning is gentler and more environmental friendly.


  • Gentle cleaning
  • No abrasives
  • No mechanical and chemical harm
  • No harm due to humidity
  • Easy handling
  • Precision
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Cleaning of sandstone facades
  • Cleaning of bronze statues
  • Restoration of artwork
  • Gentle cleaning of noble metals
  • Headstones cleaning


LASCAM systems prepare and deliver complete process, including the implementation of laser technology. Furthermore, we strive to deliver you education in the field of laser technology, as well as to keep you informed about the news and the trends in your industrial area and economical operation.

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