Laser service by Lascam

  • We offer quick local service calls during which defects are often eliminated on site.
  • We perform warranty and post-warranty repairs on equipment from most major global manufacturers.
  • For more complicated cases we work directly with equipment manufacturers and facilitate communication to ensure quick repair of your equipment.

Laser Equipment Maintenance

  • LASCAM offers regular maintenance of laser sources, cleaning of laser heads and optics, optical cable repair, system tuning, repairs of laser electronics, measuring instrument calibration, and laser output verification.
  • We will arrange inspection, diagnostics, or complete refurbishment of your laser source and associated components. Thanks to close cooperation with product manufacturers, we can obtain a refurbishment certificate confirmed by the manufacturer or extend your warranty.
  • We provide quick-response service calls with one-for-one equipment replacement, which shortens production cycle delays significantly and reduces production losses.

Spare Parts and Consumables

  • Laser systems include a number of parts with limited life (consumables). Typically, these include focusing optics, excitation lamps, cutting nozzles, ceramic elements, water and air filters, etc.
  • Thanks to close cooperation with our partners we can provide original components at favourable prices.
  • We also have some goods in stock, which reduces delivery times significantly.

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