Laser Cleaning Systems.

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Laser Cleaning Systems 


Cleaning lasers and their implementation is one of the key technologies and we have been developing taylor made laser cleaning systems for industrial applications since 2015. We started by selling cleaning lasers from the world’s leading manufacturer and we were among the first to raise awareness about this technology and its implementation in the CEE region, especially in the automotive and plastics industries.

Laser Cleaning

Laser cleaning is an innovative technology that has become an industry standard in recent years, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries. It ensures non-contact removal of dirt, without damaging the surface and heat affecting the base materials. The cleaning technology is highly productive and at the same time certified as green technology with very low operating costs. It does not require any other additives such as chemicals, abrasives, water, etc.


SPYRE cleaning lasers made by LASCAM are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of our customers as well as the highest standards for processing quality and safety. They are suitable for application in continuous production in industry.



Preparation of surfaces before painting, gluing, and sealing without the need to create an anchoring profile, phosphating, or other chemical pre-treatment. Environmentally friendly and waste-free substitute for the current chemical preparation and degreasing of surfaces.


Maintenance of drying ovens, painting chambers, paint shops, etc. ECO friendly and CO2 neutral removal of condensates, primers without the need to solve waste management. replacement for high-pressure water cleaning, pyrolysis, or mechanical removal.


Preparation of metal surfaces before welding with maximum cleanliness and weld quality free from defects caused by surface impurities. Treatment of welds – removal of oxides, silicates, heat-affected zones, and surface activation before subsequent painting or passivation processes.


Contactless, gentle, and ECO friendly technology, meeting the strictest requirements for cleanliness in industry, for cleaning plastic, rubber, foundry, pharmaceutical, or composite moulds and their peripherals from oxides, separators, grease, rust, etc.


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