LASCAM systems on the road show with cleaning laser

LASCAM systems team arranged road show with its mobile cleaning laser between March the 7th and the 27th 2016. LASCAM’s existing and potential customers and the general professional public had the possibility to experience new and very popular laser technology.

Although the application was originally meant rather for the industry, for example for the preparation of the surface for further processing, laser cleaning can be used even in the “folk sphere”, where it can clean organic impurities from plaster, wood or surfaces of architectural constructions and their renovations.


LASCAM systems is now halfway through its road show with cleaning laser cleanLaser CL 300 with an output of 300w. This laser is able to clean polymer coatings, metal oxidation or even metal layers.

The main advantages of this system are:

  • High efficiency
  • Variability
  • Portability
  • Simple operation (training for 2D surfaces is a matter of 15-20min)
  • Ecology (no need of process fluids for cleaning and that eliminates the environmental disposal)


It is clear from the following video, that despite the need for accurate focusing, it is possible to easily clean not only 2D surfaces, but also more complex 3D objects, thanks to the variable length of the cleaning line.


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