Use of industrial camera systems

Increasingly popular peripheral laser process is a monitoring system using a camera or external sensors. The requirements are often very specific and require a high degree of integration into customer solutions. Implementations of cameras and sensor also record the current trend of reducing the ” miniaturization ” or so called “down – sizing “, especially in micro-machining, drilling depth 3D material removal using ultra-short laser pulses – the goal is to machine as defined area as possible without introducing heat into the surrounding materials with online evaluation.

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Processes where camera systems are applied:

    • Guarded trajectory during the process of cutting or welding
    • Control reading of the information and codes and their analysis
    • Measurement of process parameters and their inspection
    • Evaluation of distance and correct position
    • Guidance during the creation and manipulation
  • Machine vision
  • Definition of „frame“ and „0“ process of micromachining
  • Optical measurement
  • Optical analysis and evaluation of the product quality
  • Postprocess evaluation of the weld quality
  • Analysis of surface and internal defects
  • Roughness measurement of the workpiece after machining etc.

Cameras also are used in applications where until now only a subjective human evaluation was used:

    • Analysis of the molds quality in Automotive sector
    • Analysis of the internal and surface defects of transparent optical components
    • Analysis of defects in process such as TIG/MIG welding

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