High-end cutting machines with excellent performance! Made in Czech Republic.

We are pleased to present great 2D flatbed cutting machines equipped with fiber laser.

Here are some technical and commercial Highlights

  • High-speed CNC fiber laser cutting FEI Cut
  • Working area up to 6000x2000mm
  • Power up to 6kw
  • Built in fiber laser with a constant optical path length of a dominant advantage in the very fine cuts all areas of the working place, including the much lower power consumption and the absence of laser gases
  • HighYAG cutting head with a full automation in line “from”.
  • HIWIN linear motors with magnetic encoders and offers the high-speed cutting with traversing speed up to 180 m / min and dynamic acceleration from 2 to 2.5 “g”
  • Standard filter recuperation unit with adjusted return air back to the hall.
  • Renowned German production control system is with all the technological functions, management of G and M codes function in a sophisticated user interface.
  • Position feedback is derived from the linear magnetic position measurements with the base resolution 1um

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