Effective, economical and ecological alternative to surface cleaning

Laser cleaning is a state of the art technology in terms of cost savings on operational energy and consumables with proven stability. Laser systems are highly efficient, economical and ecological alternative compared to conventional technologies available. Require no chemicals or abrasives, that could have to be stored and environmentally disposed, they are environmentally friendly. This is a device with a large service interval, which can be easily and immediately used or integrated in a production line.

The initial higher investment in laser treatment system the company can count on a quick return on investment. For example, when comparing the costs of “dry ice” vs. “Laser”, using laser technologies reduce operating costs by 84% compared to dry ice and the initial investment returns within a year when working on two shift. Prices of the laser cleaning systems range between 60 000 and 340 000 Euros, depending on the application and the level of automation.

The advantages of laser cleaning

Laser cleaning technology is:

  • very efficient and “green”, won several significant environmental awards;
  • contactless and gentle to the material to be cleaned;
  • Inexpensive with a quick return – it is repeatedly proven that the technology will pay back per year for operating costs related to cleaning;
  • breakthrough – cleans  perfectly to one transition those surfaces, which until now had to be purified by several long cycles;
  • unique – the possibility of selective cleaning variability of performance only confirms;
  • stable – high-quality German industrial design ensures long life and reliability.

Laser systems are substantially divided into three types:

In mobile systems one of the cleaning lasers is equipped with fiber and Nd: YAG laser and manual optics. Energie available up to 20 W-1000W. According to the output of the mobile systems used for different applications, from the adjusting of small areas that require high-precision cleaning, to the removal of heavy layers of dirt on the different types of base materials. The systems are completely portable and can be delivered with a fiber that is 50 m long, which is useful for example for electricity pylons cleaning. LASCAM Systems offers mobile systems for laser cleaning of these companies

CleanLASER a P-Laser

Ruční čištění laserem

The workstation integrated into the production line is a flexible system with compact Nd: YAG or fiber laser, which are suitable for cleaning and removing process of layers including a manual installation or parts machining. We configure and optimized from a cost-effective basic small laser workstation to a multifunctional automated systems with automatic feeders, conveyors or carousels.

We also offer finished and special custom solutions for a wide range of industries. Fully automated high-performance cleaning systems maximize the benefits of laser technology and its potential for economic return. Our team will provide support from the first technology test to its full implementation. will ensure reliable service and technical support even with non-standard requirements, such as cleaning pipes or radioactive waste. We provide reliable service for technical support even with non-standard requirements, such as cleaning pipes or radioactive waste.

Application of laser cleaning:

  • cleaning plastics and rubber forms
  • selectively removing corrosion layers in preparation for welding
  • removing oxides resulting from processes in the electro-industry
  • cleaning of oil buildup in the food industry
  • removing steamed layers after coating and lacquering process
  • surface preparation for the coating composition
  • degreasing metals before forming a joint, brazing or welding
  • finishing welds – removing color
  • structuring and modification of the metal surface
  • removal of organic impurities, plastic composites as a preparation for coating and bonding

Acquisition of technology for laser treatment may seem simple. Component selection and adjustment, however, requires extensive knowledge of optics, metallography and absorptive properties of the material. The quality of cleaning is determined not only by the laser power a but also by a number of other parameters and controlled properties. The most important of these include the frequency and power distibution to the surface. It is necessary to buy laser technology from suppliers with high-quality references and rigorous, engineering and technical facilities. Inaccurate treatment can damage the surface instead of cleaning it.

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