De-Coating / Paint removal

De-Coating / Paint removalMetals reflect laser beams, making them especially wellsuited to be “lasered”. A focused laser beam vaporizes the light quickly absorbing layers or coatings. This happens at cyber speed while, at the same time, does so gently and without harm to the base material. Chemicals, abrasives or mechanical methods are not needed. The potential economical and environmental returns are very high, due in part to excellent build quality.

The cleanLASER works accurately and makes complex masking redundant. Coatings may be removed to varying degrees: Paint can be removed all the way down to the substrate or, with the proper laser, the top coat can be stripped, preserving the primer coat. Our customers in the aero space industry meet sophisticated standards proving that sensitive parts, metals in particular, can be de-coated without damage.


  • De-Coating / Paint removalPrecision or large-scale paint removal
  • Selective or total paint removal
  • High removal rates, especially with thin coatings
  • Harmless to the base material
  • Gentle, precise, and residue-free
  • No additional process steps necessary

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